Extended Touring

There is a limit to the distance travelled from London to make an enjoyable day out. However, there is so much more of Britain to discover and extended tours are the best way to cover your itinerary.

Glen often conducts tours with overnight stops covering many of the sights in the south of England but without having to return to London on a day trip.

A popular 3 day tour is, on day one, Windsor and Stonehenge with an overnight stay in Bath. On day two, a full day and one-night stay in the beautiful countryside of the Cotswolds. Day three Shakespeare’s Stratford Upon Avon and Oxford before returning to London.Glen has also conducted longer multi-day tours.

The possibilities are endless but highlights include the stunning landscape of the Lake District.  York, with its beautiful Minster and Viking museum. Hadrian’s Wall, constructed almost 1900 years ago, is an outstanding example of Roman civil engineering.  Edinburgh Castle overlooks Scotland’s historic capital city.  Across the River Forth is Fife, home to St Andrews where golf has been played for almost five hundred years.

A guide to costs for extended touring

3 day tour example:
£655 (1-4 persons) PER DAY
£705 (5-7 persons) PER DAY
PLUS guide’s overnight subsistence (i.e. Bed, Breakfast and evening meal at £130 PER NIGHT.

Total cost for 1-4 persons is therefore (3 x £655) + (2 x £130) = £2225.00